End of Warranty – What Do You Do?

What does “End of Warranty” Mean for my AED?

An “End of Warranty” is the closure of your AEDs manufacturing warranty. When you purchase an AED, you are automatically covered by the manufacturer under a warranty which can be anything from 1 to several years.

Once this date has passed, your unit is no longer covered by the company which manufactured your AED and will not be liable for replacement or repair should any issues arise.

Does this mean I need to buy a new AED?

Not necessarily, whether you decide to purchase a new unit, or stick with the device you already own is completely up to you. Following your AEDs warranty end, your unit should still be fully functional; however, if repairs are required at any time following this, the costs to fix your original device can accumulate up to the same cost as a brand-new AED.

As the only potential treatment against cardiac arrest, it is vital that your AED is always in a state of readiness and can be used in the event of an emergency and so regular maintenance to ensure your unit is working exactly as it should, is advised.

What are the risks?

The only risk you encounter following an end of warranty is the chance of your AED not performing effectively when it is required in a rescue.

Thanks to your AED’s daily, weekly and monthly self-checks; you will be made aware of any maintenance issues found when these tests take place. Should an error occur when your unit is being used in a rescue however, the outcome could result in a fatality.

Anything else I should know?

If you would like to discuss the warranty on your AED, are looking for replacement advice or are concerned about your AED model being discontinued; please call the helpful defibshop team on 1 888 820 0760 where one of our helpful advisors will assist you in making a decision which will ensure your AED is kept in a state of readiness at all times.