End of AED Life – What do you do?

What does ‘End of Life’ mean for my AED?

‘End of Life’ in regard to your AED isn’t actually as frightening as it sounds; it actually refers to a specific AED model being discontinued by the manufacturer, meaning the company can no longer provide support for that particular unit.

Consequently, this also means the AED’s core accessories such as electrode pads and batteries will eventually be taken off the market as a result.

So, do I need to buy a new AED?

Just because your AED has reached its End of Life doesn’t mean you should immediately replace it with a brand-new unit, however, you do need to be aware that if your model has been discontinued, on-going maintenance to ensure it maintains a state of readiness may become more difficult in the future as the brand will stop providing support for that device.

An AED can only be ready for a rescue when equipped with a charged battery, fresh electrodes and all its components are functioning correctly following a self-test. If this upkeep is no longer possible due to discontinuation, your AED may not react as it should when it is required in a cardiac emergency. With this to consider, it may be worth considering newer AED models on the market that suit both your need and budget.

New accessories too?

If you decide to purchase a new AED, the compatible accessories will be required alongside the new unit to ensure your device can be used effectively in the event of an emergency.

Almost all accessories come with a shelf life and will need to be replaced throughout the life of your AED. Electrode pads and batteries typically last for around 2 years if they have not been used; electrode pads however are single use only, which is why it is recommended that you keep a spare set alongside your device.

What’s the easiest way to repurchase an AED?

If your AED has reached it End of Life, we advise you to consider whether your original unit met all of your needs and if you’d like to repurchase a similar model, or opt for something completely different.

Was maintenance easy to carry out on the unit? Did the design stand out enough in your environment? Consider these questions along with your budget before deciding which AED will be most suited to your environment.

If you need any help with this process or would like to discuss your AED’s warranty, our Product Specialists are only a phone call away. As an independent supplier, you can have confidence that we can provide honest and impartial advice to help you make your decision; to get in touch, call 1 888 820 0760 to speak with the team directly.