defibcare Essential Program

What is AED Program Management?

To rescue a victim of cardiac arrest, you need an AED that is ready to deliver a lifesaving shock. But just having an AED is not good enough. To save a life, you need your AED to be working and in the hands of a trained volunteer responder.

Important questions for anyone managing AEDs:

  • Are you sure that every one of your AEDs is ready and will work in an emergency?
  • Do you know your AED’s current self-test status?
  • Do you know when to replace the pads and batteries for each of your AEDs?
  • Do you know when your responders need to be retrained?
  • Can you effectively and efficiently review the status of all your AEDs and trainer responders?

defibcare can manage all AEDs, regardless of the manufacturer or when you purchased it.

Whether you have one AED or a thousand, defibcare can manage the whole of your AED portfolio. 

Essential Program Specifications

Essential Support

Every AED program manager wants to do everything possible to guarantee the best chance of saving a life. defibcare Essential provides the tools and guidance you need to manage your own AED program. Web-based, this interactive system is comprehensive yet simple.

Readiness Counts

The defibcare AED Program Management System enables your AED program with everything your organization needs to manage all your AEDs online. defibcare makes it easy to keep your AEDs inspected, your consumables up to date, your volunteer responders trained, and all your AEDs properly managed and ready for rescue.

Compliance Matters

defibcare will maintain a complete record of your Good Samaritan status and keep you in constant contact with the manufacturer of your AED, along with the many local, state, and federal agencies whose regulations may affect keeping Good Samaritan status.

Our Program, Your Guarantee

Every person in your organization who needs to have status updates on all or part of your AED program will know what they need to know, when they need to know it. Early warnings, reminders, and Good Samaritan status updates will keep everyone informed—from the general manager to the single volunteer responder. Managers can tailor defibcare to deliver the reports they want. defibcare makes it easy to manage your compliance and readiness.