Californian Schools to become Heart Safe


Recent changes have been made to legislation to increase the number of AEDs in and around the state of California.

New California legislation (AB 2009) will require at least one AED to be available on school campuses and accessible during athletic activities as of July 1st, 2019.

AB 2009- AEDs at interscholastic athletic programs

This law adds new sections to the California Education Code and requires school district’s and charter schools electing to offer any interscholastic program to:

  • Put an emergency action plan in place addressing, among other things, sudden cardiac arrest emergencies;
  • Acquire at least one AED for each school in the district or charter school (effective July 1, 2019) to be available on campus;
  • Encourage that AEDs be made available for use within 3-5 minutes of sudden cardiac arrest;
  • Ensure AEDs are made available to athletic trainers and coaches and other authorized person at athletic programs, on campus activities and events; and
  • Ensure AEDs are properly inspected and maintained

The law offers legal protection to school districts and charter schools that place AEDs. Some decision makers have previously believed that if an AED is deployed improperly that the school will, as a result, be held liable. This is not the case, yet some establishments remain reluctant to make a necessary and life-saving investment by purchasing an AED. A change in legislation will mean that many schools will have no choice in the matter but to purchase an AED. You can, however, rest assured knowing that Good Samaritan laws are in place to reduce bystander hesitation in responding to a cardiac arrest and to establish the fact that an individual would not be held liable for any incident that could occur when attempting to resuscitate a person in cardiac arrest.

Protect your school with a ZOLL AED Plus

You could save an average of 15% on maintenance costs compared to other devices on the market by choosing to protect your school with the ZOLL AED Plus. This is because ZOLL devices have a longer pad and battery life and therefore, will require less maintenance, ensuring an increased readiness. The ZOLL AED Plus is suitable for use on pediatric patients once the ZOLL Pedi Padz II have been attached to the device in order for it to adjust itself to provide a shock at a safe level for a child.

When your school purchases a ZOLL AED Plus with us, you will receive one free year of program management. This will allow for readiness reporting and tracking, giving you peace of mind, knowing that your device(s) are maintained and ready for use at all times.

SCA in Schools

Sadly, SCA does not discriminate meaning that children and young athletes can also suffer a cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest is in fact the leading cause of death amongst young athletes and approximately 7,000 under 18’s die every year as a result of cardiac arrest.

Whilst the figures show that just 10.7% of under eighteens who suffer a cardiac arrest survive, there is clear evidence to prove the application of CPR and the use of an AED significantly increases survival rates.

AEDs are therefore essential to prepare schools for the event of a sudden cardiac arrest as CPR and a shock from an AED is the only definitive treatment for SCA.

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Whilst this is a specific AED placement mandate, we anticipate that it will still make a positive impact and could potentially save a number of lives.

Students as a result, will be able to learn and take part in athletic activities within a heart safe environment.

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