Monthly Archives: July 2018

  • In Part 1 of our ‘The Car Manufacturing Industry: EVs’ article, we looked at the risks involved with working within this industry. Today we’ll take a look specifically at the industry and what you can to do create a heart safe environment and even turn your employees into lifesavers. [...]

  • Did you know that 10,000 cardiac arrests happen at work every year? With immediate CPR and defibrillation, a victim's chance of survival can go from 6% to 74%, which is why we're strong advocates for having AEDs in the workplace. [...]

  • It's official...Summer is here! The weather is gorgeous, the schools are out, and that means it’s time for a vacation! With your countdown to vacation nearing take off, you've no doubt been busy planning places to sight-see, fun activities to do, and of course what to pack. [...]

  • It's officially Summer! That means school's out and camp's in! Summer camp is such a hallmark experience for many as they walk away with fun memories and new friends. However, amid all the fun times, there are still chances of emergencies occurring. [...]

  • If you're looking for an AED that is perfect for users of all experience levels, the Defibtech Lifeline View is the one you want! Whether you are trained or not, the Lifeline View ensures that you will be able to perform effective CPR and defibrillation by providing guidance for each step of the rescue process from removing clothing to delivering effective chest compressions. [...]