Why Electric Car Dealerships Should Invest in AEDs

In the United States, electric and hybrid cars are growing ever more popular and sales of these vehicles were up by 40% in 2018. However, the electric car market presents new dangers that the traditional car market didn't, including a risk of electrocution, which can potentially lead to sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). 

With this industry growing so fast, there are more electric car dealerships popping up around the US, bringing with them the need for increased customer and employee safety. 

According to the AHA, more than 350,000 people experience sudden cardiac arrest each year in the United States. 10,000 of these SCA incidents occur in the workplace. The only definitive treatment for a cardiac arrest is effective CPR and use of an  AED, therefore, having access to at least one of these life-saving devices at an electric car dealership and someone who is trained to use it will increase a person's chance of survival. 



A Life-Saving Investment

Sudden cardiac arrest can affect anyone, at any time, usually with no prior warning. For car dealerships, who employ multiple staff members and see many customers visiting each day, at least one AED should be available to use in case of an SCA emergency. For every minute that passes in a cardiac arrest emergency, a victim's chance of survival decreases by 10%, so having an AED readily-available in the showroom when SCA strikes is vital. 

  • Around 10,000 cardiac arrests occur in the workplace in the US each year
  • Electric vehicles present new dangers for the car industry, including electrocution, which can potentially lead to SCA
  • Total electric vehicle sales were up by 40% in 2018 in the US, highlighting the need for increased customer safety in areas like car showrooms/dealerships
  • If effective CPR and defibrillation takes place within 3-5 minutes of the victim's collapse, their chance of survival increases from 6-74%

Here at the defibshop, we offer a wide range of AEDs, from budget-friendly to advanced units - any of which will help to make your dealership a heart-safe environment. We also provide you with the life-saving accessories to accompany your device that will ensure that it can provide the all-important shock in an SCA emergency. Our FREE pad and battery reminder service is a convenient way for you to maintain your AED and keep it in full working order at all times. 

For electric vehicle dealerships spanning across multiple sites, investing in an AED for each of these locations is something that should be considered, so that staff and customers are never more than a 3-minute round trip away from a life-saving device. Managing multiple AEDs is easy with the defibshop's AED Program Management service, offering two levels of support: the defibcare essential program and the defibcare professional program

AED & CPR Training

 Anyone can use an AED to save a life in a cardiac arrest emergency. However, our AED & CPR training courses will help to boost the confidence of your staff and ensure that they can jump into action should someone at your dealership suffer a cardiac arrest. 

Here To Help

If you are looking to make the heart-safe investment of an AED for your electric car dealership, or you are interested in any of the services that we offer, give one of our AED Product Specialists a call on 888 820 0760 and they will be happy to help you.